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The Forge is a developing process for new artists. With our extensive knowledge we aim to mentor artists for a career in the music and media industry by enhancing their skills and talent.

We provide a creative environment which challenges artists to push their boundaries. With decades of experience in the music business in playing live and recording, we help artists achieve success through valuable feedback and tutoring. We assist them with the writing and arrangement of songs, the professional recording and mixing of albums and tracks, professional rehearsal techniques for live shows/touring and helping to develop the individual stage presence for each artist. We provide artists with a clear concept and identity helping them to expand their image throughout the media; via websites, music videos live shows and radio.

Artists can join us and take advantage of the professional input we offer. We also travel worldwide with our artists or bands to accommodate their needs. To date we have helped many different solo artists and bands of different genres realise their potential. You can follow their progress on our website.

We look forward to working with you soon...